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Gray Owl


This Gray Owl or Canadian Gray, is visiting us in Wisconsin.  About a year old – he still has some white feathers – he’s attracting crowds of gawkers.  A week ago today we heard the hoot, hoot, hooting of an owl and later discovered him hanging out near the Capital City Brewery.  Apparently, there is a shortage of voles in Canada, so he has come here looking for food.  I wonder if he likes chipmunks?

Today I saw him preening and mugging for the crowd.  It’s a hoot, so to speak, to see that thick neck twist and turn.  I remember my mother using the term “owly” to describe me when I was crabby.  “Why are you so owly, Mary?”  I guess owls look a little like they are frowning, but this one looks more like it’s wearing a steel-plated mask.

Oh well, I’m sure there is poetry lurking in there somewhere.


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Spring Average

Spring Flower Show

Spring Flower Show

In the film credits they list the drivers.  In addition to grips and coaches and assistants, they list tow columns of drivers.   What does it do for the driver to see his or her name in tiny print way, way below the stars’ names in large font?  Perhaps it’s a rung on the ladder to more important things, say Limo Owner.

It’s a little like me listing the one or two best journals that have published my poems when I submit the next bio to the next publication.  Little rungs on a long, long ladder to somewhere.

It’s snowing again.  One or two inches predicted.  Four or five on the ground.  Sigh.

Spring Average

Here’s how they get averages.

They take the highest and the lowest

and add them together; divide by two.

A year ago today – eighty.

Today it’s twenty.

So, today would be fifty

if only it were an Average Day.

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Padre Island Dunes

Padre Dunes

in purple I leave

western day

alone, no less

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