Interesting Names – Sports

Felix Pie – You say Pee-ay, I say PI.  Felix Pi is Felix Pastel, a cake, in Spanish.  Or, Felix Foot if you pronounce it Pee-ay, like pied in French.   In any case, you definitely want to have your cake and feet, too.

Christian Ponder – a noun referring to a type of philosophical analysis.  “In examining the archives, I conducted a Christian Ponder in order to determine their legitimacy.”

Homer Bailey / Bailey Homer – which is it?  Come here Homer.  Here Bailey!  Nice pups.

Gregor Blanco – a new line at Coach.  She pulled her blouse down and picked up her Gregor Blanco, smoothing her hair as she left the room.

Cody Ransom – I slipped a Cody Ransom out of my purse and said, “Tell me a story.  And make it good.”

Roman Harper – Early Irish musicians, descended from itinerant Romans.  A Roman Harper led the children into the circle for the May Day dance.

Plaxico Burris – An architectural tool.  I used a Plaxico Burris to square the edge of the design.

Andrew Luck – And the winner of the 67th running of the Wind of Freedom horse race is….Andrew Luck, ridden by jockey Palo Alto!

Urban Meyer – The design firm of Urban, Frank and Meyer is studying ways to use the Ohio Buckeye as an architectural detail on sports arenas.

Nyjer Morgan – likely a French off shore bank:  I put the earnings from my business in the Nyjer Morgan Bank of Martinique.

Hunter Pence – Hunter and Pence, the names of my Lhasa Apso pups.

Carson Palmer – this one sounds like a Scandanavian mobile device, as in, “I took my Carson Palmer out of my pocket and called 911.”

Ocho Cinco – so simple:  85 in Spanish.  That’s his number.  In French, it’s Quatre-vingt-cinq.  Not the same.

Cam Newton – a great name for a line of shoes.  “I slipped on my Cam Newtons and left to meet my third blind date of the week.”

Shawn Patton / Patton Manning – a before and after.

Troy Palamalu –  Palamalu is a Samoan name.  It sounds like an exotic flower.  “I tucked a raspberry colored Palamalu behind my ear.”

Lofa Tatupu – Another Samoan name!  What’s with the NFL?  This name sounds like a  bath product.  “I used a lofa tatupu to scrub my sweetie’s back.”

Carmelo Anthony – ‘Mmmm….Carmelos.  Melted.

Ty Wigginton – “Have you met my accountant, Mr. Wigginton?  He’s bean counter to the Queen.”


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