Books You Should Read….or Maybe Not

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

I have 70 books on hold at the library, some since 2009, so I have no recollection where I heard about this book.  I probably picked up on it because it is set in Wisconsin.  I listened to it on a CD, and didn’t think too much of it – I gave it three stars – but somehow the characters kept coming back to me.  I had a lot of questions about what motivated the husband to be so forgiving and accepting even as he knew his wife was trying to poison him and had lied to him; and why he tried to murder his son for behavior he apparently knew about.  I wondered what other people thought and went to Amazon to read comments on the book.  The average rating was three stars, but that’s because people either loved it – “page turner”, “couldn’t put it down” – or hated it – “barely readable”, “one of the worst!”  Well.  Hard to reconcile those two poles.  I have to say that the book seemed to get under everyone’s skin, even the people who hated it.


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