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Bornholm, DK

Sunny and warm. At another Texas cafe drinking $ 9.00 beer and wine. Oh well. The wifi is free. Amazingly difficult to be productive on this trip.

The sea so calm, blue.
Sun intense and very hot.
Slow before sailing.


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Off Line

Hey hey from Riga, Latvia. Internet expensive on our Baltic cruise plus did I mention EXPENSIVE! At an Internet care with free wifi and great old time country music. I am keeping a journal and will blog about each stop later.

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History and Gardens

Stadshuset – the City Hall – site of the
Nobel (pronounced noble) banquet.
Then Sodermalm’s Millennium series.
Lisbeth my heroine : feisty and
strong like all Scandinavian women.

Tantolund gardens: tiny garden plots
of Roses – Dahlias and Goldenrod.
A few raised beds for the rabbits –
and maybe a few fairies –
Central Stockholm: too busy for that.

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Canals snd Cannons

Today a tour of a canal on a boat
followed by the history war in Sweden;
considerable considering the size
of the cannons relative to the size
of the underfed men.

Then some art: slow art that takes
time to make; so much time that
time is part of the art and the artist
uses time to rest and create and
the art is about time and not art.

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Changing of the Guard at the Swedish Royal Palace

A brass band on horseback….magical.  Last night was Friday and noisy:

A woman sang an aria.
Some girls walked arm in arm
and a young man shouted a name;
some church bells rang the hour.

At dawn a truck door rattled.
Heels clicked on the sidewalk
and a mother spoke to a child;
some church bells rang the hour.

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At Vasa we learned that 17th c. Swedes sought ties to ancient Rome and included carvings of Roman rulers on their doomed warship…but the Roman figures were all blue eyed blonds!

Another downpour at 3:30 p.m. Is this going to be a regular thing?

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On the Road


Before we even left for Stockholm there was a glitch. Except it was a pfishing email stating our flight was delayed by 16 hours and wouldn’t we like to change our flight and by the way give them a credit card number. Fortunately the message was so incoherent I called and was reassured our flights were on time.

Now sitting in Stockholm hotel room. No actual glitches at all getting here but it did teem only after we finished our bus-train-metro ride from the airport and stepped out to start our 7 minute walk to the hotel. Stopped at an outdoor cafe and huddled under umbrellas and blankets to wait for bits of sun.

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep in a bed!

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