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I received word that two of my poems will be published.  Yea!  My “portfolio” is growing, slowly.  This year I hope to send poems to more publications.  It’s both dizzying and intimidating to see the number of publications that other poets list, as well as prizes.  Well, I am happy to be read at all.

I am reading On Writing by Stephen King.   I’m not a big fan of horror stories, so I haven’t read his books, but I’ve seen several movies that were spawned by his books.  His book on craft is very interesting.  The first half is autobiographical.  I assumed, because he’s fabulously wealthy, that he always was.  Not true at all.  His wife had to use a neighbor’s phone to call and tell him that Carrie had been accepted for publication.  To his credit, he gives her support a lot of credit for his success. 

I saw King once.  One January we were visiting my brother in Naples, FL.  We went to pick up groceries at a Publix’s and the bro went nuts nudging me and pointing.  I looked at a tall man with Coke® bottle glasses, and heard my brother’s stage whisper, “That’s Stephen King!”  I was a little embarrassed, for both of them, but King just stood in line and paid for whatever he had and left.  Does that tiny encounter reduce my six degrees of separation?  Since we did not speak – “Hi, I’m Mary from Wisconsin.  I’m pleased to meet you, Mr. King.” – I doubt it. 

According to his website, King also published some poetry.  They have names like, “Paranoid:  A Chant,” and “Donovan’s Brain.”  King’s poems are included in an anthology called, Devil’s Wine, edited by Tom Piccirilli.  Delicious.  I just put in a request for the book at the UW library.

But I think I’ll also try one of his books.  The Stand appeals to me because it appears to be sci fi.  It’s about a mutant flu virus that destroys humanity in a few weeks.  It’s the kind of thing I fear the most.  I live such a careful, insured life and then along comes a flesh-eating bug and everything spins out of my control.  Delightful.


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On the Road

Silence since my birthday has nothing to do with the distress of aging, but rather the joy of travel.  I have been in Guatemala, Honduras and Naples, Florida.  It was a fabulous trip to Mayan ruins and markets, rain forest and highlands.  My favorite:  tee shirts emblazoned with “GUATEVER” and “GUAT’S UP?”

Unfortunately, the husband tripped and fell hard.  There was much groaning -and a cough that sounded more like a cat with a hairball – before we returned home to quality health care and learned he has three fractured ribs.  I am impressed.  He definitely gets bragging rights.  I, on the other hand, get to do all of the work that requires bending, and much of the lifting.  It’s ok.  This mild winter is in my favor.  No snow to shovel!

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Birthday Haiku


There’s no memory

of spring in January.

This warmth is a gift. 

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