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Gabriel Uses GPS to Find Mary

Tiedeman's Walk

Tiedeman’s Walk

The prompt at my poetry group was to assume the persona of a famous person from mythology, the Bible or history.  I “assumed” the Archangel Gabriel who announced to the Virgin Mary that she would be with child.

The Vernal Equinox is considered the calendar date for The Annunciation.  You can do the math.


Gabriel Uses GPS to Find Mary


Early March.  Crocuses are up

but there is still ice in shadows.

The call comes about noon.

You have a week, God says.


I get on the internet.

Homeland won’t make this easy.

I pull documents from the safe.

My leather jacket covers the wings.


A rental Renault.  I’d have preferred

an Audi.  A few olive trees and a citrus

orchard later and I’m at the farm house.

Mary is lovely, so serene, reading a book.


God, do we have to do the ray thing?

Can’t you send the Holy Spirit later?

You know, it’s usually done in private,

in a bedroom, at night, with the door shut.




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