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End of September

End of September


September is ending.  I hardly

recall its beginning, so quickly…

I am distracted by the Monarch

that sips from the verbena, dips

into the marigolds for a moment,

then flies to the coleus blossoms…

the time since Labor Day has flown.

I wonder…I am no butterfly,

but I behave like one.

Perhaps I too am preparing for

a long journey to my winter home.


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Changing of the Guard at the Swedish Royal Palace

A brass band on horseback….magical.  Last night was Friday and noisy:

A woman sang an aria.
Some girls walked arm in arm
and a young man shouted a name;
some church bells rang the hour.

At dawn a truck door rattled.
Heels clicked on the sidewalk
and a mother spoke to a child;
some church bells rang the hour.

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