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Six Months Later: Blogging versus Life

Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park

Travel – Columbia, Ecuador, London, Amsterdam, New York City, Pittsburgh – requires time.  Time to plan, time to go, time to recover.

The Saint John’s Bible exhibit at the Chazen required study and time to conduct tours between travels.

Writing and submitting poems takes time.  And has about a ten percent success rate.

Waiting for workmen to install water heaters and softeners, furnaces and air conditioners takes time, and is boring.

Diversions into spring and summer yard work take a lot of time.

So, one small success.  A poem called “Dad” was published in Blue Heron Review.


I can see you sitting at the desk that’s now in our den and you’re bending, bending to write a letter on Sunday after midday supper of roast and carrots and potatoes from which you’ll make hash and bending you write the weather is fine, or not, your health is fine, or not, Mother is…probably not, and then you get up and put on your cap and drive to the Post Office to mail it on Sunday so I will receive it on Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, a letter.  You probably hoped if you mailed a letter on Sunday that I received on Tuesday, I would have time to write a response on Wednesday, mail it on Thursday and you would receive it on Saturday and then you could reply on Sunday.  But I never did.

One day in another of my attempts to get Mother to understand me, to see me, to love me, my husband said, Your Father loves you. 

He writes every week.

Blue Heron Review / Issue 3, Winter 2015


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