Gray Owl


This Gray Owl or Canadian Gray, is visiting us in Wisconsin.  About a year old – he still has some white feathers – he’s attracting crowds of gawkers.  A week ago today we heard the hoot, hoot, hooting of an owl and later discovered him hanging out near the Capital City Brewery.  Apparently, there is a shortage of voles in Canada, so he has come here looking for food.  I wonder if he likes chipmunks?

Today I saw him preening and mugging for the crowd.  It’s a hoot, so to speak, to see that thick neck twist and turn.  I remember my mother using the term “owly” to describe me when I was crabby.  “Why are you so owly, Mary?”  I guess owls look a little like they are frowning, but this one looks more like it’s wearing a steel-plated mask.

Oh well, I’m sure there is poetry lurking in there somewhere.


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