Queen Ann's Lace


“All faculties of a great poet are contained in and deriving from the ability to discover relations between things, even the most minimal, and distant, even between things that appear the least analogous, etc. Now this is the philosopher through and through: the faculty of discovering and recognizing relations, of binding particulars together, and of generalizing.”  Giacomo Leopardi



 10 nouns                                                           10 more nouns

firefly                                                                thread

ginko                                                                 wool

cactus                                                               photo

waterfall                                                           leaf

lantern                                                              coat

hosta                                                                 toes

chimes                                                              sand

jade                                                                   robin

feathers                                                            mushrooms

spine                                                                  pond


Mix and Match the Nouns

Toes are chimes

ringing through the body


Cactus is wool

scratching the air


Feathers are mushrooms

sheltering forest birds


Lanterns are threads

lighting the path


Create a Chain of Associations

A rose is an eye, a curtain

opening and closing,

a breeze brushing aside

the dark,

ushering to the stage

brilliant beauty,

scents of sun and summer

colors of the season.


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