Look What I Got!

What's in Your Heart Swap

In October I shared in this blog the small art card I designed and stitched to swap with another quilter.  The theme was, “What’s in Your Heart,” and a few submissions were selected to appear in the February/March 2013 issue of Quilting Arts magazine.  When the issue arrived I looked at the cards selected for the magazine and was especially drawn to one that used a technique similar to the one I chose but to much greater effect.

When I got the mail on Saturday, there was a brown envelope and I knew my swap had arrived.  And look!  It’s the card I had admired so much.  I recognized it immediately.  The name of the artist and her email were on the back.  I discovered she lives four hours south of me in Illinois and is a retired art teacher.  Of course.  Such a good eye.  We did actually swap, so she has the piece I made, but I’m really certain I have the best one!

So…since this is a poetry blog, I should say something about poetry.  Today was a good day.  I wrote two poems when I woke up.  One was inspired by friends who are struggling with losses and yet soldier on because there is nothing else to do but keep going.

The second poem was in response to the Ellsworth Kelly Prints exhibit that just opened at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.  I agreed to write a poem to be read at an event in March called, “Distilled from Nature:  Poetry and the Works of Ellsworth Kelly.”  I had written a funny poem about a conversation between two colors, but after I listened to the curator and the collector discuss their long relationships with Kelly, who is 92, I felt I had to try something more respectful.  It came together quite nicely, I think.

However, instead of sharing my poems, I am sharing the artwork of a woman I have just “met.”  Isn’t it amazing what art can do!


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