First Snow


This is the scene from my deck door this morning.  It will change soon because the winds are expected to pick up to forty miles per hour this afternoon.   This is the first big snow we have had since February 2011 and the first significant snow this year (19.5 inches of snow!).

Yesterday, before it snowed, I walked outside, possibly the last time for awhile.  It was lovely:  about 34 degrees and the air was full of moisture.  Geese were still on the pond making a great deal of noise.  I told them to get going but when I opened the door this morning I could hear they are still there.  They will stay until the pond freezes over.

The Japanese call the first snow “hatsuyuki.”   According to Liza Dalby, in her book East Wind Melts the Ice:  a memoir through the seasons, during the Heian period, at first snow the Japanese gentry went to the palace to pay their respect to the emperor then they drank sake and composed poems.  Snow viewing, Yuki-mi, was popular as well.  The trio “snow, moon, flowers: – setsu getsu ka – is a set phrase that symbolizes all things beautiful.

Wet grass flattens.

A footprint

fills with snow.


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