Tuba Christmas


Tuba Christmas at the Wisconsin State Capital

On Saturday I attended Tuba Christmas at the State Capital.  Tuba Christmas is a hoot…or perhaps I should say a Toot.  It’s a nationwide event that you can read about at http://www.tubachristmas.com

One hundred and fifty tubists participated in the event in Madison.  It can take awhile for the melody of a carol to emerge from all that deep rumbling…Away in a Manger was a complete mystery for quite awhile.  There were several types of tubas at the concert.  Basically, they all play deep notes, but within a range of deep to deeper.  There were also a few French Horns.

The photo shows the group setting up.  Eventually, there were additional letters to spell out TUBA XMAS, but sadly my camera died before I could capture more than TU.  The zoom lens stopped working and I got an error message.  That was new, but what did I expect?  I did drop the little guy in San Padre sand last month and though I dusted and blew out what I could, those tiny grains have a way of getting around inside.

Snow today, the first in a long, long time.  It is lovely to see white instead of the dried brown leavings of our draught, which is likely not over.  Here is a haiku to celebrate the season.

Sharpened by frost,

wood smoke seeps

in open windows.


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