Dot and Emma Get Ready To Do a Rain Dance

The girls are ready to try anything.  Here they are standing in the straw that is our back lawn while I ponder advice to water or it will die (we are way beyond the “it’s just dormant” stage) or to take our chances and re-seed next spring if we have to.  Of course, that brings images of winter mud run-offs sliding into the window well, which would be really ugly.  Maybe Dot and Emma’s magic will work.

Meanwhile, I have scoured my Haiku diaries for rain and found some luscious entries.


Rain wakes me. Falling

out of balance with the world

on the waiting lawn.


Thunder rumbled in

bringing the morning along,

a gray and green wet.


What kind of rain came?

Misty rain..sprinkles. Steady,

pick up the pace rain.


 Rain fell for hours.

Gentle soaking rain, seeping

into summer’s dry.

UPDATE:  Wednesday morning, 6:10 a.m., woke to thunder.  Rain followed for about 30 minutes.  The girls’ Rain Dance worked!  Thanks, ladies.



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