101 on Monday

This draught is getting me down.  Seriously, it’s like Arizona here in Wisconsin:  hot days, cool nights, lots of wind and NO RAIN!  The problem is that draught begets draught, so this is it for a long while, it seems.  I need to cool down, so I returned to my Haiku diary from 2008 for inspiration.

Here’s a favorite entry for January:

Eight!  It’s eight degrees,

five inches of snow coming.

Forgot to Migrate!

Oh, this is cool, from January 17:

Ice-blue sky painted

green-tea and lemon colors

by muted sun rays.

By February of 2008 we’d had 80″ of snow.  Here’s an entry for February 20:

Air filled with ice-clicks:

piccolo percussion sound

as iced branches dance. 

On March 3rd we’d had 91.5″ of snow and some rain:

Rain took down snow banks

melting like ice cream in sun

running off a cone.

Finally, on March 23rd:

Regressed to snow-world.

One-hundred inches this year.

That’s a lot of snow!




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