Two More from the Old Cleaner of Cat Puke

Here are two poems I wrote in response to a call from Verse Wisconsin for poems of protest relative to the Wisconsin recall election.  Since these poems are more about bureaucratic life than about protest, I did not submit these two.  I was inspired by Chinese paintings and poems that hide the artist’s true political views inside the artwork.

The Devoted Civil Servant

The Devoted Civil Servant tugged on his vest

while he listened to his new boss

a blonde woman thirty years his junior, sent to test

his loyalty, but all he felt was loss,

tired at the thought of starting over again

two years before Social Security kicked in

and he wondered where he would park his brain

so he could maintain his Unflappable Chin.


A Paragon of Filial Piety

The pretty young lady, so recently hired,

was given a task for which she had no talent:

to select the people who had to be fired.

Being educated in the ways of foxes,

she quickly devised a clever little game.

To select the workers, she precisely noted

how everyone spelled their name,

and then carefully counted the letters.

Any names shorter than her sister

Sabrina’s, were marked for removal.

Her list to-be-fired was much longer

than the number she’d been given,

so she saved the names she’d acquired

in case they had to be re-hired.


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