Giving It Away

Last September I had a garage sale.  I sold a few things for far less than I wanted and donated the rest.  It was an education.  People want what they want, when they want it.  If you are not selling what they want, you will either put it back in the garage or basement, or you will donate it. 

This spring I have discovered another truth.  People will take anything for free, and they will take it away very quickly.  Leave books at the library exchange or a box of iris on the lawn and poof they are gone.

Getting rid of stuff used to be a matter of just keeping the fire hazard down.  Then I got worried about leaving all the work to my husband if something happened to me.  What would he do with all the sewing, knitting and stitching supplies and fabrics I inherited from my mother, aunt and grandmother, much less the items I collected on my own?  What would he do with all the papers and art supplies I accumulated from taking classes and experimenting? 

Now my thinking has changed once again.  It is very difficult to write and keep up with all my other interests, too.  I have struggled for years to focus and I have winnowed the list down, but not enough. 

Recently, I have been writing a lot of poems in preparation for a contest I want to enter.  To do this, I have had to make painful choices about how I spend the rest of my time.  There are the things that must be done:  cooking, cleaning, playing with the cat and husband, and exercising. 

There is the reading that must be done so I can get better at what I want to do most, which is write.  There is the yard and garden, which came up two months early this year, wiping out hours and hours of time in March and April that I could have been snug inside doing inside things.

So as I look at the fiber and textile related side of my life, I think:  get rid of it.  Be done with that phase of your life interests.  Get a laptop with a lot of memory and a wireless connection for writing and read on your Kindle and simplify, simplify, simplify. 

We’ll see.  So far, I have mostly just culled old magazines and books and plants.  But at least I know that when I’m ready, it won’t be difficult to find homes for all of it….as long as I give it away.


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