The Neighbors and Me


Regular readers may recall that we fed the neighbor’s six cats at Christmas.  Well, when New Year’s rolled around, the neighbors disappeared.  Their cars were in the driveway but there were no lights in the house on New Year’s eve.  On New Year’s Day, we knocked on the door and then we phoned.  Nothing.  So we called the police.

“Officer, they have six cats!”

The neighbors next door were abducted

by aliens when we weren’t watching

because when we looked, they were gone.


Fearing the worst, we called the police,

but of course since they were gone,

the police found nothing but cats.


The woman across the street reported

a siting at 10:27 the previous morning.

She used to work for the CIA,


which is a handy past to have

if you want to spy on your neighbors

but a useless skill if they are gone.


Meanwhile, on the other side of town,

the couple with two cats in the window

and five chickens in the yard,


threw out corn.  And for the time-being,

those cats and the chickens were sure

they’d be fed no matter what.


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  1. Heidi said

    Oh my goodness, what’s the end of the story/poem? Were the neighbors found? Have you adopted the six cats?

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