On the Road

Silence since my birthday has nothing to do with the distress of aging, but rather the joy of travel.  I have been in Guatemala, Honduras and Naples, Florida.  It was a fabulous trip to Mayan ruins and markets, rain forest and highlands.  My favorite:  tee shirts emblazoned with “GUATEVER” and “GUAT’S UP?”

Unfortunately, the husband tripped and fell hard.  There was much groaning -and a cough that sounded more like a cat with a hairball – before we returned home to quality health care and learned he has three fractured ribs.  I am impressed.  He definitely gets bragging rights.  I, on the other hand, get to do all of the work that requires bending, and much of the lifting.  It’s ok.  This mild winter is in my favor.  No snow to shovel!


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