You can see from the photo that I am slowly but surely converting bats of wool into yarn.  The white ball on the left was my first effort.  It’s big and lumpy.  The grey to the right was next, followed by the spool in back, which was most consistently spun.  The orange and green ball in the middle is actually plied:  I spun orange yarn and green yarn separately and then twisted them together into two plies.  That ball is ready for knitting but you could knit with the other yarns as well.

The small camel-colored ball in front is… camel hair.  It’s from the camel hair on the right in back.  It’s what we will use to knit the amulet bag.  I get a pretty good grade in spinning, but knitting is another matter entirely.  I am a very poor knitter and even though I understand it, and I know the stitches, my hands do the wrong thing.  Well, I will try.  I have to finish spinning the camel hair first.  I only have four days to spin, knit and full it (wash it to make it somewhat fluffed up).  Better get busy!


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