Practice Makes Perfect

Have you practiced something lately?  Apparently, practicing something helps your brain:  learn a language, memorize something, try something new.  I have been “practicing” writing poems, but as readers know by now, I am easily distracted…and my latest distraction is spinning.

No, not the exercise. Spinning as in spinning fiber using a drop spindle.  I’m taking a Mini-Class at the Wisconsin Union called “Spin, Knit and Embroider an Amulet Bag,” and the first step is to learn to spin wool.

Spinning wool is an ancient art.  Or perhaps ancient necessity would be a better term.  It wasn’t until the middle ages that any technological improvements came into the field of spinning.  The idea is to take fibers – wool, cotton, cat hair – and twist them using a spindle to make a thread, rope or yarn that can be used to weave or knit clothing or other textiles.

I have been practicing daily and I am improving.  However, if my family had to depend on me to clothe them, well, let’s just say for starters we’d have to move to a much warmer climate.

Next week we will spin camel hair and knit the amulet bag.  What shall I put in it?  An amulet bag carries an amulet or charm for protection.  I have an amulet bag that I crocheted; I put tokens from my mother, mother-in-law and my dear friend Marian inside.

I think the bag I am making now should accompany me on a vision quest:  my quest to be a writer.

Remember:  practice makes perfect!


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  1. Heidi said

    Mary, how great that you have taken on this new challenge! Perhaps the neighborhood pets should look out if you are spinning different fibers every day. Cat hairs? Camel hair? Sounds like the amulet bag will be the perfect safe place for your dreams and ambitions as they continue to unfold and manifest themselves.

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