Frog Pot

I found this frog at Clinton Street Antiques in Milwaukee.    Here’s a link to a photo of the shop:   Clinton Street Antiques has a lot of garden related bits and pieces.  The back door leads to a sweet little urban garden with a koi pond.

Interestingly, the shop is not located on Clinton Street at all.  It’s on South First Street, which is in Walker’s Point, where the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower is  located, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest four-sided clock.

The frog, which I’ve named Lizzie, has kept me company on my deck all summer.  I’m sure it’s a frog and not a toad because of her sexy smooth green skin.  I was hoping the plant would look like a bunch of wild curls coming out of her head.  I think it succeeded pretty well.

Now it’s nearly time to put her away for the winter.  Or perhaps she’d prefer to hibernate in Stricker’s Pond across the street.  I’ll know where to look if she goes missing!

Lizzie, where are you?

Have you gone to hibernate?

See you in the spring….


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  1. Heidi said

    Love it! If Lizzie ever wants a vacation, we’ve got a retention pond across the street from us over here where she could meet many, many new friends! (They try to get in our garage every time we open the garage door.)

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