Do you read your horoscope?  I used to read mine all the time, especially when I was working.  Horoscopes seem geared to working people looking for a better job or more money and to singles looking for love.  Sometimes the horoscope was eerily prescient.  I guess that’s what kept me reading it. 

Now I read my horoscope when I feel uncertain about something, or when I want an intimation of the future.  Last weekend with the girlfriends, I read it right away, the first morning we were together.  Here it is:

There is no need to worry about your public perception.  You are seen in many different ways by many different people, and you have little control over it now.  The happier you are the more effective you will be.

“…little control…now.”  Interesting, that word now.  As though sometimes you can control people’s perception?  Well, try to, I suppose.  Anyway, I took to heart the message to be happy.  You can’t go wrong with that advice, no matter what.

I have a cartoon I cut out from The New Yorker that shows an editor leaning over the desk of the resident astrologist exclaiming, “You mean all this time you’ve been making up the horoscopes?”  I sometimes feel that way about Rob Brezsny’s horoscopes. 

Brezsny’s website is at www.freewillastrology.com.  He writes a weekly newsletter that includes a bit of his philosophy of “Pronoia” and, of course, horoscopes.  My horoscope for the current week includes the following prediction:

Speaking as a poet, not a scientist, I speculate that
those two luminaries, the sun and moon, may also generate a lurching but
medicinal effect on you sometime soon. Are you ready for a healing jolt?
It will relieve the tension that has been building up between two of your
“tectonic plates.”

The line breaks are an accident of WordPress, but I like them.  Brezsny also quotes this week from his book, Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia, saying “poet Kay Ryan told the Christian Science Monitor how she cultivates the inspiration to write. She rouses the sense of a ‘self-imposed emergency,” thereby calling forth psychic resources that usually materialize only in response to a crisis…. She visualizes hypothetical situations that galvanize her to shift into a dramatically heightened state of awareness.”

Somehow I think that poets will not need to visualize a self-imposed emergency soon.  There have been enough shocking events this year to keep us busy for years.  However, it is possible that a healing jolt to my tectonic plates may well lead to a heightened state of awareness.  I am open to it and I can’t wait to find out so I can write about it!  Until next week’s horoscope, that is.


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