Colorful Stackings

 I dreamed I was in Milwaukee, lost on the Marquette Interchange.  This is a recurring dream.  It just loops and loops and I cannot get to where I want to go.  In this dream, I got off the freeway downtown and went to a bookstore where people were playing games.  I picked up a book called, Poetic Words.  I flipped through it and saw this chapter: “Colorful Stackings.” 

Colorful Stackings is not a poetic term, sadly.  When I tried to find it on the internet, the search engine switched it to “Colorful Stockings.”  Not quite the same.

Colorful Stackings could be names of colors:

Pink / Red / Red Orange / Orange Red / Yellow Orange

Or things that are a color:

Apple / Cherry / Tomato / Raspberry / Radish / Blood

Or words that we associate with a color:

Rose / Sunrise / Cherry Popscicle / Hawaiian Punch

Here are some great paint chip colors:

Lady in Red / Custard Cream / Spicy Curry / Autumn Sunset / Dried Hydrangea

I tend to think of colors seasonally.  Because I live where there are definite Green, Brown and White seasons, I often seek the opposite of what is “in season.”  In winter, I look for red to cheer me; in summer, I look to white to cool me.   Right now, my deck is full of white impatience, enjoying our tropical summer.   In the fall, I just enjoy the orange and yellow and try to carry it over the browns that follow.

I see signs of early autumn already – the sunset is a bit earlier, sweet corn is coming into the market, the lilies are nearly finished – but I try to stay focused on this….this peak of summer warmth that will vanish in three short months, the turn of a season.


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