Retirement Garden

 “The Emperor’s Private Paradise” is an exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum this summer. It features furnishings and art works from the garden that the Qianlong Emperor designed in the 18th c. for his retirement. The Qianlong Garden is two acres within the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. After the Emperor abdicated, he did not retire to the garden, but it was left intact for 200 years. The objects in the exhibit have been restored and are on view throughout the U.S before returning to China.

The exhibit is fabulous, but even better are the names of the buildings in the garden…

Gate of Spreading Auspiciousness

Pavilion of Purification Ceremony

Pavilion of Brilliant Dawn

Bower of Ancient Catalpa

Hall of Fulfilling Original Wishes

Building of Extending Delight

Supreme Chamber of Cultivating Harmony

Building of Luminous Clouds

Lodge of Bamboo Fragments

Studio of Exhaustion from Diligent Service

Three Friends Bower

Studio of Self-restraint

Pavilion of Picking Fragrance

Pavilion of Propriety

I plan to start to name the rooms in my home. Perhaps Cat’s Bower of Sitting Alone. What about, Supreme Chamber of Doing Nothing? Building of Un-Realized Dreams? Or, Pavilion of Retreating from the News of the Day?  The possibilities are endless.


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  1. I did not realize you had a blog. Lots of wonderful posts. I thought the names of these rooms and pavilions were the things that would stay with me the longest from this exhibit. I love the idea of a Pavilion of Retreating from the News of the Day!

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