Found Poems

I love to “find” poems, that is, words that are unselfconsciously poetic, like those in the photo, above. 

A couple of years ago, I was about to throw out old newsletters from Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee when I decided to create a Cento, a poem pieced together from the works of  poets featured in the newsletters.  Here it is…the attributions for each line appear at the end.

A Cento for Woodland Pattern

 Birds line up on the slant of a hill,

edging forward, like a search party. (1)

Their shadows follow them

along the glossy river – (2)

Half empty, half empathy,

if is a tender conjunction. (3)

When you come rising strongly in me,

I feel myself grow separate and more lonely. (4)

Can we reduce echo’s sadness

by synchronizing our speeches? (5)

How else to know where we’re going.

I pluck, gather, salvage what I can. (6)

History is moments gleaned from unsorted stacks (7)

Sometimes remembered.  Remembered again,

But fragmentally, or by someone else. (8)

If onlygesture were enough. (9)

The Poets

(1)    Yvonne Zipter, “All Solemnity on a s Sunny Day”

(2)    Robert Adamson, “The Ravens:  After Trakl”

(3)    Brenda Cardenas, from “If” (for Roberto)

(4)    Jane Hirshfield, “To Opinion:  An Assay”

(5)    Rae Armantrout, “Two, Three”

(6)    Dawn Michelle Baude, from “Relics of a Present World”

(7)    Quincy Troupe, “The Signatures of Time”

(8)    Roger Mitchell, “Beneath a Cloud”

(9)    Rachel Levitsky, from “Interval”


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  1. Just happened on this today! I am humbled and honored to have been included in your cento and have shared it on Facebook.

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