Crabapple in Bloom


The crab is in a rush to bloom this spring.
It’s like a film that’s running ahead
to find the end before the beginning,

around a loop, watching the petals shed.*

These are the first four lines of a sonnet about the short life of a crabapple tree in bloom. Why a sonnet? To practice form, or prosody, the metrical structure of verse. When I re-read it, the lines seem long, but shortening them will change rhythm.

Here are two crabapple Haikus from May of 2010.

May 10
Overnight, the crab
becomes heavy and lush
with sweet white blossoms.

The crab rains petals.
With each gust more fall in drifts
of white summer snow.

*I cannot remove the extra space between lines 3 and 4.  A new blogger’s frustration with formatting in WordPress!


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